Global Buyma Glimpse Into the Future: Two-Day AI Conference Journey in Istanbul

Hello, this is Fernand from the Global Buyma Team. As an engineer, I am responsible for maintaining the English version of Buyma. I recently had the opportunity to attend an AI conference along with my manager. I’m excited to share our experiences and insights with you. So fasten your seatbelt, relax, and enjoy the journey through the world of AI that we embarked upon.


On May 10-11, 2024, I had the privilege of immersing myself in the vibrant intersection of technology and tradition at the two-day AI conference organized by Mad Street Den in Istanbul. This city, which uniquely straddles two continents—Europe and Asia—offered the perfect backdrop for an event that brought together global leaders to explore the forefront of artificial intelligence across various sectors.

AI on Global Buyma

Global Buyma employs the capabilities of's AI service to curate the most suitable product images for display in search results. The AI evaluates and identifies the best quality image from those uploaded by sellers to represent each product.

Bridging Cultures, Advancing Technology

The conference kicked off with an insightful tour around Istanbul's historic centre, embodying the perfect blend of cultural heritage and modernity. Then we headed to the Sarnıç, a 1500-year-old cistern lying at the heart of Istanbul, which set the stage for an evening of engaging dialogue. Over dinner, we forged meaningful connections with fellow attendees, delving into spirited discussions about the transformative potential of AI and sharing diverse perspectives on its future impact.

・Dinner at The Sarnıç. Honoring the special guests of the event.

Key Highlights from the Conference

The following day, we journeyed to the magnificent Sait Halim Pasha Mansion, where leaders from diverse sectors, including pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, and logistics, shared their insights on implementing AI within their industries.

Ashwini Asokan and Anand Chandrasekaran, the founders of Mad Street Den, provided a comprehensive overview of how their tools are automating the way businesses operate, shifting the focus from infrastructure to innovation.

Then, it was followed by a thought-provoking panel discussion that shed light on the banking industry's cautious stance on migrating to cloud services, highlighting the need for policy changes and compliance measures to ensure security.

And much wide array of topics, extending from Zenyum's innovative application of AI in dental health assessments to the exciting reveal of's advanced personalization engine, designed to elevate the shopping experience. Their presentations vividly demonstrated the revolutionary capabilities and the expansive future of AI technologies.

・Panelists delved into AI's transformative impact and its common use cases

・Timo Weiss, Nithya Subramanian, and Sandal Kakkar engaged in a compelling discussion about "Gen AI: Existential Crisis or Competitive Advantage?"

Evening Soirée: A Sunset to Remember

After absorbing a plethora of information, it was time to let loose. The soirée, set against a breathtaking Istanbul sunset, provided a relaxed atmosphere for us to unwind, dance, and revel in the sumptuous dinner prepared for us.

・Turkish performing their traditional dance, Sufi whirling

Looking Ahead for Global Buyma

Discussions about these AI applications sparked ideas for enhancing the Global Buyma system, such as implementing auto-tagging based on product page content. Additionally, the personalization engine where AI analyzes shoppers' interactions would be perfect, allowing for dynamically tailored product displays and recommendations to cater to individual preferences. However, some guests noted that the use of AI for language translation in page displays requires further refinement.


Bye for now!

・From right: Ashwini Asokan, CEO & Founder of Mad Street Den, Hibaru Maywood, Head of Global Buyma

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